The following are scientific meetings on sensory science, flavor perception, and related topics

AChemS Annual Meeting

Date: April 17-20, 2018; Location: Bonita Springs, FL USA
Date: April 13-16, 2019; Location: Bonita Springs, FL USA

The Association for Chemoreception Sciences (AChemS) was created to integrate diverse groups of basic and clinical investigators interested in taste and smell. The annual meetings serve as a forum for a variety of different scientific disciplines, united by an interest in the chemical senses (taste, smell, flavor and irritation). Research presented at each meeting encompasses works from basic, clinical, and applied areas of the chemical senses.

American Chemical Society

Spring: March 18-20, 2018; Location: New Orleans, LA USA
Fall: August 19-23, 2018; Location: Boston, MA USA

The American Chemical Society (ACS) holds two national meetings a year. The Division of Agriculture and Food Chemistry holds symposia on a variety of topics concerning flavor, often in the Fall.

ASTM Committee E18 on Sensory Evaluation

Dates: April 9-12, 2018; Location: San Antonio, TX USA

The E18 meets for three days of technical meetings, capped by a presentation on relevant topics in the Sensory Evaluation Field. The Committee currently has jurisdiction of over 20 standards (published in the Annual Book of ASTM Standards, Volume 15.07), which play a role in the sensory field.

International Symposium on Olfaction and Taste

Dates: April 13-16, 2019; Location: Bonita Springs, FL, USA

The International Symposium on Olfaction and Taste (ISOT) brings together researchers from around the world to present and discuss their latest research on chemoreception, not only taste and smell, but also trigeminal and interoceptive systems. It convenes every 3-4 years as the meeting venue rotates between the United States, Europe and Japan in cooperation with three large regional organizations: AChemS, ECRO, and the JASTS. The 18th ISOT meeting will hosted at AChemS.

ECRO Annual Meeting

Date: September 5-8, 2018; Location: Würzburg, Germany

The Annual Meeting of the European Chemoreception Research Organization (ECRO) brings together scientists working on chemosensory sciences from all over the world. The meeting rotates locations within Europe and creating a very lively forum and an excellent arena for collecting and dispersing information in the area.

EuroSense: European Sensory and Consumer Research Conference

Date: September 2-5, 2018; Location: Verona, Italy

The topic of the eighth conference is ‘A Sense of Taste.’ Members of both industry and academia will be gathering to discuss a variety of topics that touch upon the human senses in relation to food and non-food products.

IFT Annual Meeting & Food Expo

Date: July 15-18, 2018; Location: Chicago, IL USA

The Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) is a nonprofit scientific society with members working in food science, food technology, and related professions in industry, academia and government. The stated mission of IFT is to advance the science and technology of food through the exchange of knowledge. This large group contains several different professional divisions, one of which is the Sensory and Consumer Sciences Division (SCSD). The SCSD routinely sponsors at least one session of technical talks on sensory and consumer sciences (as well as a social networking event) at each meeting. In addition, several sensory and consumer science consulting companies and companies that create computer software for the sensory and consumer scientists typically can be found at the Expo.

Monell Chemical Senses Center

Date: April 2018; Location: Philadelphia, PA

At the Monell Center, scientists from many disciplines work together to focus on understanding the mechanisms and functions of taste and smell and define the broad significance of these senses in human health and disease. Monell is the world’s only independent, non-profit scientific institute dedicated to basic research on taste and smell.

Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium

Dates: TBA July 2019; Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

The objective of this Symposium, held in memorandum of Rose Marie Pangborn, is to offer a unique opportunity to share experiences, to exchange ideas and to allow discussions among basic and applied sensory scientists, academia and industry, and students and experts with diverse product interests.


Date: May 13-15, 2018; Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The conference, which attracted 300 delegates in Singapore, focuses on providing updates on key areas in sensory and consumer science by the world’s experts in these fields. In addition, the meeting is a showcase for the region’s scientific and industrial practitioners to present their research in a prestigious, international context.

Sensometrics Meeting

Date: July, 26-29, 2018; Location: Brighton, the United Kingdom

Sensometrics is the scientific area that applies mathematical and statistical methods to problems from sensory science. The main aims of this meeting are (1) to increase awareness that specialized methodologies and statistical methods are needed for sensory and consumer science, (2) to improve the communication between those interested in sensometrics, and (3) to disseminate scientific knowledge on the field.

Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior Annual Meeting

Date: July 17-21, 2018; Location: Bonita Springs, FL, USA

The Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior (SSIB) holds an annual meeting to support its mission to advance scientific research on food and fluid intake and its associated biological, psychological and social processes.

Society of Sensory Professionals Conference

Date: September 26-28, 2018; Location: Cleveland, OH

This biannual conference supports the mission of the Society of Sensory Professionals (SSP) to advance the field of sensory evaluation (including consumer research, and the role/work of sensory professionals) by sharing knowledge, exchanging ideas, mentoring and educating its members.

Wartburg Symposium on Flavor Chemistry & Biology

Date: Summer, 2019; Location: Eisenach, Germany

The Wartburg Symposium convenes every three years and is an established international symposia on flavor chemistry and biology that discusses cutting-edge advances at the vivid intersection of odor/taste chemistry and sensory science with biology, neurophysiology, nutrition, post-genomic (genetics, biotechnology) and advanced imaging technologies.

Weurman Flavor Research Symposium

Date: September 2020; Location: Dijon, France

Convening every 3 years, the scope of this symposium is to bring together researchers from academia and industry working in flavor to exchange and discuss recent results and experiences in a unique formal and informal atmosphere. The program topics address traditional as well as emerging areas of flavor and sensory research, from flavor chemistry to flavor perception.


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