Short Courses

The following are workshops and short courses on sensory topics offered worldwide

Campden BRI

Campden BRI offers a variety of short courses in consumer and sensory science. Additionally, in collaboration with the University of Nottingham, they offer a Post Graduate Certificate in Sensory Science.


Creascience offers a variety of training courses on statistical tools.The team's has a reputation for its ability to explain complex mathematical concepts in laymen's terms and providing participants with tools that can be used right away.

Institute for Perception

The Institute for Perception typically offers at least two short courses each year.

IFT Learn Online

IFT offers many online courses, including two particularly relevant to the emerging sensory scientist. One is an 8 contact hour course on the Fundamentals of Sensory Science. The second 6 contact hour course focuses upon Flavor Interactions in Food.

International Resources for Insights and Solutions

IRIS offers public workshops and short courses on diverse sensory science and consumer research/testing topics once a year.

Hal MacFie, Ph.D.

Dr. Hal MacFie organizes courses on sensory statistics, consumer product testing and mapping, and preference and emotion mapping.

Harper Adams University

Harper Adams University conducts a course that introduces the basic principles involved in using sensory evaluation effectively in the workplace.

Herb Meiselman

Herb Meiselman offers training courses, both regularly scheduled and by private arrangement.

It! Ventures

It! Ventures offers courses in Consumer Understanding.

Penn State University

PSU conducts a 2.5 day workshop that addresses the basic principles of sensory science, including discrimination and acceptance testing, good laboratory procedures, and the theoretical underpinnings for these practices. Delivered in a classroom and laboratory environment, it includes a mixture of theory, demonstrations, and laboratory activities.

Rutgers University

Rutgers University offers a 2-day course that uses hands-on demonstrations and teaches how to set up testing procedures, evaluate real products, and conduct appropriate statistical analyses.

Sensory Spectrum, Incorporated

Sensory Spectrum offers multiple courses and workshops throughout the year.

Summer School on Human Olfaction

Date: September 30 - October 1, 2016; Location: Dresden, Germany
A practical introduction to the physiology and pathophysiology of the chemical senses, this course teaches Smell and Taste through lectures, practical courses and demonstrations. In addition, the meeting is provides a platform for the informal discussion of questions related to clinical issues around smell and taste in plenary sessions where cases will be presented. Finally, the meeting strengthen networks among the small community of clinicians interested in smell and taste.

Tragon Workshops

Three times a year in Redwood Shores, CA, Tragon hosts workshops dedicated to exploring various aspects of sensory and marketing research.

UC Davis Applied Sensory Science and Consumer Testing Certificate Program

Not a short course, this year-long, 4-course, web-based program goes in-depth into sensory evaluation methods and their applications. Students from around the world can learn together, building a global network.

University of Nottingham

The University of Nottingham, in collaboration with Campden BRI, provides a flexible, progressive postgraduate course in Sensory Science, as well as short courses in Sensory Science for Continued Professional Development.


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